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Finn ut mer om badstue- og badeopplevelsen. Se praktisk informasjon og regler.

Everyone can use our sauna, but it pays to be member.

Breathing is a good place to be for groups who want to spend time together.

Vi åpner snart i Bodø!

Meld deg på vårt nyhetsbrev for åpningstilbud og andre goder

Pust Saunaklubb

Med månedskortet får du fri tilgang* til Pust 365 dager i året under åpningstider for DROPIN.

Med et medlemskap i Pust Saunaklubb får du dropin til 100,- og 500,- avslag ved privat booking. 


Cheaper booking
500 kr Annual

Monthly card

Complete freedom *
349 kr Monthly
As a member, you have a preferential right to events and can help to influence how the offer is to proceed.
* You must still book an appointment in advance, and you can only have one active booking at a time. The membership is personal and can only be used by the owner. We reserve the right to cancel the membership if it is abused.

Practical information

Pust Tromsø ligger midt i Tromsø havn, med bademuligheter rett utenfor døra, og har en fantastisk utsikt. Pust Bodø vil ligge midt i Bodø havn, og vil også ha en magisk utsikt 😇 Det er herre- og damegarderobe – med kalde og forfriskende dusjer 💦  Husk at du må booke tid før du kommer, dette gjelder for alle, også våre medlemmer 🐬☀️

Before you book, we want you to get acquainted information and rules around our sauna experiences

pust.ut –  vedfyrt badstue i Telegrafbukta 🌬☀️  Plass til 8 personer. Bookes for 4 timer av gangen. Perfekt for en gruppe eller familie 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧


For å holde 1 m avstand anbefaler vi kun 8 personer i badstuen (gjelder ikke ved privat arrangement), og kun 4 personer i garderoben samtidig. 

Please note that you must be out of the sauna AND cloakroom before the next hour starts. 

We pray with all our hearts that everyone shows consideration and respects this 🙏🏻 

We want everyone to have a great and safe sauna experience.

Therefore, we have some simple rules of contact:


If you want to cancel the sauna completely, you will receive a 50% of the sum refunded. This must be done no later than 48 hours before your time.

Rebooking can be done free of charge no later than 48 hours in advance. This is done by responding to the order confirmation.

The sauna is located in the middle of Tromsø harbor. Right outside Stortorget, completely at the far end of the guest pier. Arrival at the pier is close to the Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora at the end of Sjøgata. Map

Bring your own, clean towel. Please use the towel on the bench in the sauna.

It's men's and women's wardrobe. We have two cold and refreshing showers inside and two outdoors. It is not allowed to use soap or shampoo in the shower.  

Swimwear is mandatory in the sauna. We recommend bringing your own flip-flops as the floor can be wet / slippery.

It is allowed in moderate amounts inside the sauna itself when you have private booking (not drop-in). It is not allowed to enjoy alcohol in the area outside the sauna. Visibly intoxicated persons may be expelled. NB: All bathing and use of the sauna is at your own risk. We do not recommend alcohol combined with either sauna or swimming.

Monthly card holders pay a fixed amount per month, and get access to the sauna free of charge during Drop-in periods. You must always book an appointment in advance. For the sake of the community, you can only have one active booking at a time. The monthly card is personal and should only be used by one person. Overtramp suspends the monthly card.

Opening hours


Mon-Fri: 06:30 - 18:00

Sat-Sun: 06:30 - 12:00 


  • Mon-Fri: 18:00 - 22:00

Sat: 12:00 - 22:00