Our story.

At the core of our business is running unique saunas, serving healthy and tasty food, co-working, raising awareness and self-development. 

Pust. is a lifestyle company. We develop meeting places that enable people to live their best lives. 

All our locations should be open and accessible to everyone. It should be easy to book a place, whether it's in the sauna, the café or a yoga class. It should be equally accessible for one person who wants to go alone and meet new people, or for several people together, so that you can enjoy the experience with friends and acquaintances.

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The activity, art and culture festival PustUka is a co-creation project that brings together people of all ages and from all walks of life for one week in August each year, working for a more beautiful world.

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Baptism - Pust Tromsø.

After 9 months of intense work, pust.Tromsø was finally a fact. There was a mixture of relief, joy, pride and extreme anticipation in the air on this afternoon in September. It was a delight to finally be able to welcome people to the christening, and it was extra special that it was two-year-old Elsa who was going to christen the raft.

The joy of seeing so many people who had turned up to check out breathing was overwhelming, and was not diminished by seeing how much people were enjoying themselves inside the sauna. In a way, this felt like the end of the adventure and that our job was done, but it turned out to be the beginning...

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Pust Kafé.

Pust kafé is a plant-based café and gastrobar in Tromsø. The café is an extension of the social arena our sauna has become, supplemented with good plant-based food and drinks.

A perfect place to start or end your day in a zen environment.

It's a place to meet friends, form new relationships or just enjoy a good cup of coffee and a colorful lunch. 

The concept will vary throughout the day and night, ranging from morning jazz to club nights with live DJs on weekends.

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Breathe Bodø.

The sauna consists almost exclusively of pine trees of the highest quality from inner Troms. The trees were first planed in Skibotn, and then assembled into elements in Tromsø, before being assembled into a unique structure in Bodø. Rigged with stage lights inside and out, the sauna has truly become a bright spot in the middle of Bodø's inner harbor. The sauna room itself is decorated with cedar wood for a unique finish.

All this has created an arena for well-being, socialization across age and social classes, and has become a respite from people's hectic everyday lives. Should be experienced, if we are to say so ourselves.

Sauna Bodø - Breathe
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Breathing house.

pust.huset is a different kind of co-work. With a unique design and atmosphere, this is a place where you will be inspired to follow your own dreams, build cool projects, make contacts, co-create and collaborate. Adjacent to the offices, there is a separate room for yoga, meditation, courses, conferences, and everything related to positive self-development.

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The sauna in Tromsø is closed for maintenance 17.04 - 19.04.

Sauna - Pust