A breath of fresh air in society

A gathering around the campfire - citizens, academia, politics, the public sector and NGOs in joint dialogue in the pursuit of the good life.

Pust wants to break down some of the barriers we experience in society, avoid silo thinking and be a bridge builder to trigger synergy effects and strengthen existing health and welfare services.

As many people as possible should have the opportunity to maintain their own health, well-being and quality of life throughout their lives.

Pust facilitates the creation of open, low-threshold meeting places in Tromsø

Places where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather to inspire each other to positively engage in dialog-based, creative and constructive processes aimed at creating a sustainable, health-promoting and humane society.

Pust will be guided by openness to innovation and new ways of approaching human needs and societal challenges. 

We will initiate and facilitate human (belonging, respect, social) and societal needs (sustainability/democracy/systemic change) - connecting mind/body/soul.

Facilitated dialog

A powerful tool for understanding each other better and moving forward.

We collaborate with Flux on education and facilitation,
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Pust also collaborates with other partners and networks within community health, integration, world views, science, culture and more. We are working on the development of several exciting dialogues and series within society, more to come, stay tuned to our events.

Pust Samfunn is interested in hearing from you if you have suggestions for a suitable theme or event.

Feel free to send an email to jab@pust.io - see you soon!

Pust receives grants for socially beneficial work from Samfunnsløftet Sparebanken Nord-Norge, Tromsø Municipality and the Flux Foundation.

Monthly pass

449,- per month

Unlimited Drop-in, swim and take sauna as often as you want, for one hour at a time.
3-month commitment period, automatically renewed every month.
500 discount on private bookings.

sauna & Ice bathing

Experiences & Events

Pust Lifestyle

The sauna in Tromsø is closed for maintenance 17.04 - 19.04.

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