Benjamin Ahlers’ Tromsø Adventure: A Two-Month Arctic Escape 
20. October 2023

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today, we’re diving into the incredible journey of Benjamin Ahlers, a New York actor who planned to spend just ten days in Tromsø, Norway but found himself captivated by this charming Arctic city. Let’s embark on this whirlwind two-month adventure and discover what made Tromsø so special to him. 

Chasing Sauna Bliss at Pust Sauna: 

Tromsø isn’t your average city, and Benjamin knew that from the get-go. His daily ritual at Pust Sauna turned into a soul-reviving experience. Here, he’d start his day by taking a plunge into the icy Arctic Ocean, surrounded by the stunning fjords. Afterward, he’d head to the sauna to warm up and connect with locals who shared his love for this unique ritual. 

Hiking to New Heights in the Tromsø Skyrace: 

Tromsø isn’t just about relaxation; it’s an adventurer’s playground. Benjamin decided to push his limits by participating in the Tromsø Skyrace. This high-altitude trail race took him through some of the most breathtaking landscapes Tromsø has to offer, from jagged peaks to serene lakes and lush valleys. 

Zen Moments at Pust Studio: 

Every traveler needs a little Zen in their life, and Benjamin found his at pust studio. This haven of tranquility offered yoga classes that helped him find balance and peace amid the Arctic excitement. With expert instructors and a serene atmosphere, it was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Morning Coffee Bliss at Risø Café: 

For Benjamin, no day in Tromsø began without a visit to Risø Café. Here, he’d indulge in a piping hot cup of hand-brewed coffee. This charming café, with its rustic vibes and friendly staff, became a beloved part of his daily routine. It was here that he met locals who shared their stories and gave him a deeper understanding of Tromsø’s heart. 

Chasing the Midnight Sun: 

Tromsø boasts the captivating phenomenon of the midnight sun, where daylight never seems to end during the summer months. Benjamin couldn’t resist witnessing this natural wonder and set off on numerous hikes to capture its surreal beauty. The city’s surrounding trails and peaks provided the perfect vantage points.


Diving into the Local Music Scene: 

Tromsø isn’t just about nature; it’s a city of culture and artistic expression. Benjamin frequented Pust Café. A cultural cafe that offered everything from brunch and clubnights to drawing classes and live jam sessions. On his last Sunday in Tromsø, he even mustered the courage to take the stage, sharing his own talents with the audience. 

Benjamin Ahlers’ impromptu two-month adventure in Tromsø is a testament to the city’s magnetic pull. Its unique blend of nature, adventure, and warm hospitality left an indelible mark on this New York actor. As he reluctantly left Tromsø to return to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, he carried with him a treasure trove of memories and experiences that would forever hold a special place in his heart. Tromsø, with its distinctive charm, had worked its magic on yet another traveler, leaving them longing for more. 



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